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Huckleberry Ride

July 9, 2017

Deary City Park

Roll time: 9:00 am


Huckleberry shakes, ice cream? Shoot, I think you can get your huckleberries in a sandwich when you are in Elk River, Idaho.

Getting there requires cycling through mountain meadows, dark green forests and over streams. The reflectors five feet high on poles along the road suggest you might need a snowmobile if you try to do this ride too late in the year. We always do it in July to escape the heat of the Lewiston Valley. It's often plenty warm even in these wilderness mountains.

We usually have someone driving SAG more or less. If we do, we'll ask for a $5.00 donation for gas. You did hear about the price of gas, didn't you? Or have you been on your bike all this time?

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We start the ride at the Park in Deary, It's about an hour's drive from Lewiston (Google says 1:27). Some of us choose to skip the 9 busiest miles between Deary and Boville by parking in Boville and waiting for the group. The slowest riders often just ride toward Elk River knowing the faster riders will over take them.

This is an informal club event with no registration or fee required. It has been nice the last couple of years to have had volunteer sag drivers. Despite being in the mountains, it can be plenty warm. And, although the distance is only 54 miles round trip, you do plenty of climbing--over 2,000 feet to Elk River. Every year we seem to find folks who are not ready for the combination of distance, hills, and heat. If you'd like to drive sag or trade with someone let us know, so we can make arrangements with others.